Thank you for volunteer with us! Your help is important!

 What do we expect from our volunteers?

✓    You will help when you can to attend the adoption days and events.

What you have to do is just be there to talk with people interested, watching and taking care of the dogs, sharing stickers etc

✓     You will visit the dogs we have in HAPPY PAWS DENPASAR. You can only visit them showing them your love and giving them some treats or you can also walk them if they are ready to do it.  Please let us know when you have free time to go there and make the schedule for your visit.

✓    You will please help to post on social media about the project and also the dogs who are waiting for adoption. We need to inspire others to help foster, volunteer, donate, sponsor or adopt.

✓     We really need help from you to find adopters, fosters, sponsors , donators and volunteers! So please do your best to help us!

✓     We may also need help in some rescue missions! We will post in the whatsapp group.

✓    If you are a content creator and you want to help by making professional photos or videos that would be great. 

✓    It’s a flexible commitment. We  know everyone can only do what they can, don’t be too worried about that, but we hope you are committed with this and you help and participate as much as possible.