I'm Aina, the founder of Hope For Bali Dogs. When I came to Bali in 2018, I was helping and rescuing dogs solo. Sadly the first dog that I rescued "Hope" passed away being very sick at the clinic. That made me feel so sad seeing what was happening in Bali and its situation with the dogs and I decided to start something to fight for the voiceless creating Hope for Bali Dogs in her honor.
Dogs are not treated fairly in Bali, they are either part of the dog meat market, being sacrificed in ceremonies and neglected severely or seen as a nuisance, so they are abandoned and abused. They don't deserve everything they are being put through!!!
The little project was growing and growing until nowadays that luckily I’m not working alone anymore but with a small team and all the support of the community, you are so important , without you wouldn't be possible! 

Please help us to continue growing and to able to give hope and happiness to more and more dogs in need. If we all do our small part we can end the suffering of Bali dogs!


We want to end with the suffering of Bali dogs!

We help many dogs with rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing plus we share the love by distributing food and medicine. We also work in sterilization so we can go to the root of the problem. And something very important, we are educating Balinese people to understand how beautiful souls are dogs and how they can take care better of them.